Comprehensive Accident Reconstruction & Biomechanical Analysis

Get the complete story with comprehensive accident reconstruction and biomechanical analysis from ARC Forensic Engineering, Inc. We provide a complete range of services at competitive rates.

Biomechanical Analysis

Determine exactly what forces were operating on different parts of the body as a result of a car accident. Biomechanical analysis provides insight into the causes of trauma to vehicle occupants and others involved in accidents.

Highly Experienced

Make sure you receive the best analyses available. We have provided our services in more than 700 cases, including:

• Low- and High-Speed Automobile Accidents
• Motorcycle-Automobile Accidents
• Pedestrian-Automobile Accidents
• Bicyclist-Automobile Accidents
• Slip & Fall Accidents
• Blunt-Force Trauma Analyses
• Vehicle-Occupant Biomechanics Analyses

Automobile Accidents

Find out all you can about the causes of an accident. Our automobile accident analyses help you determine:

• Acceleration Levels Experienced by Vehicle Occupants
• Whiplash & Spinal-Injury Plausibility
• Pre-Impact Vehicle Speeds
• Causes of Injury

Other Services

We also offer:

• Expert-Witness Testimony in Depositions, Arbitrations & Trial
• Vehicle Inspection
• Accident-Scene Inspection
• Accidental Falls
• Failure Analysis
• Reports & Presentations
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